Resilience: The Biology of Stress & The Science of Hope

A James Redford documentary:


Researchers have recently discovered a dangerous biological syndrome caused by abuse and neglect during childhood. As the documentary Resilience reveals, toxic stress can trigger hormones that wreak havoc on the brains and bodies of children, putting them at a greater risk for disease, homelessness, prison time, and early death. While the broader impacts of poverty worsen the risk, no segment of society is immune. Resilience, however, also chronicles the dawn of a movement that is determined to fight back. Trailblazers in pediatrics, education, and social welfare are using cutting-edge science and field-tested therapies to protect children from the insidious effects of toxic stress—and the dark legacy of a childhood that no child would choose.


KET: Kentucky Educational Television

Kentucky Educational Television — KET — is Kentucky’s largest classroom, serving more than one million people each week via television, online, and mobile. KET has featured the Bounce Coalition in programming around healing childhood trauma and mental health.

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Kentucky Youth Advocates Podcasts & Virtual Forums

Kentucky Youth Advocates hosts weekly forums and podcasts where organizations, advocates, and decision-makers work together to best support kids and families.  The following forums and podcasts included the Bounce Coalition.

  • Trauma-Informed Plans for Schools Podcast | Video
  • Trauma-Informed Care, Resilience, & the Bounce Coalition Podcast
  • COVID-19 and Kentucky Kids: Building Resilient Families Podcast
  • Advocate Self Care Workshop Podcast | Video
  • Understanding and Mitigating Trauma Podcast | Video

COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a significant amount of stress and distress to adults, kids, and families.  While there are a lot of uncertainties surrounding our current situations and the future of our lives, there are some things we can monitor to help ourselves and our loved ones cope. The Bounce Coalition is committed to helping individuals and families bounce back from adversity, such as that caused by the pandemic.

The National Child Traumatic Stress Network

Established by Congress in 2000, the National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN) brings a singular and comprehensive focus to childhood trauma. They are committed to raising the standard of care while increasing access to services. Combining knowledge of child development, expertise in the full range of child traumatic experiences, and dedication to evidence-based practices, the NCTSN changes the course of children’s lives by changing the course of their care.  Learn more at

PACEs Connection

The Social Network for the PACEs Movement.

PACEs Connection, an ever-growing social network, connects those who are implementing trauma-informed and resilience-building practices based on ACEs science. The network’s 40,000+ members share their best practices, while inspiring each other to grow the PACEs movement. Learn more at

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