Resilience: The Biology of Stress & the Science of Hope documentary screening and facilitated discussion.

90 – 120 minutes

The one-hour documentary delves into the science of ACEs and the birth of a movement to treat and prevent toxic stress.

Resilience engages and motivates participants by:

  • Introducing the concepts behind the ACE studies and the life-long impact of exposure to multiple ACEs.
  • Discussing the impact of ACEs in participants’ work life and community.
  • Discussing the role participants can play in the lives of the people they serve, including supporting referrals to services in the community.

Bounce 101: Intro to ACEs and Trauma-Informed Practices

90 minutes

People face many stressors that can have a life-long impact on their ability to thrive. Yet it is possible to foster resilience, equipping people with the tools to effectively respond to adversity and bounce back. This interactive workshop supports this goal by increasing understanding of the lifelong impact of Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) and building individual and organizational skill to nurture resilience. You will complete practical exercises designed to encourage trauma-informed approaches to serving your clients.

  • The original ACEs study and research on child adversity and resilience
  • How ACEs impact brain development
  • The signs of trauma and impact on lifelong health
  • How trauma-informed and resilience-building practices help heal ACEs
  • Secondary trauma and the importance of self-care

Bounce 102: Building Trauma-Informed People

90 minutes

Bounce 102 is an interactive follow-up session that takes participants deeper into practical strategies for building resilience in themselves and others. The learning outcomes include:

  • Identify resilience as an effective prescription for stress and trauma.
  • Learn specific strategies for building resilience in yourself and others
  • Identify ways to strengthen the resilience of people who have experienced ACEs
  • Leave with a commitment to strengthen your own resilience

Participants will work together on scenarios and build a resilience plan for a young person challenged by multiple ACEs. In addition, participants will be challenged to commit to strategies for building their own resilience.

Bounce 103: Building a Trauma-Informed Organization

90-120 minutes

The focus of this training is to assist governing board members and the senior leadership team of an organization to become trauma-informed. During this training, participants will:

  • Learn what Positive and Adverse Childhood Experiences (PACEs) are, and how they impact individuals who receive or provide services within the organization
  • Learn how trauma and stress impacts individuals
  • Learn the relationship between the organization’s vision and mission with becoming trauma-informed using the six key trauma-informed principles for change
  • Learn how governing and policy making responsibilities are impacted by transforming into a trauma-informed organization

Creating Trauma-Informed Residential Care Agencies

60-90 minutes each

Trauma Informed Residential

In partnership with the Department of Community Based Services, Seven Counties’ Bellewood and Brooklawn, and St. Joseph Children’s Home, Bounce has created a trauma-informed care framework for agencies to use as their day-to-day milieu with their clients. In addition to our foundational Bounce trainings, this includes four additional training modules that directly addresses the needs and goals of agencies related to their QRTP status and their continued journeys to become trauma-informed providers. These four modules include:

  • Trauma-Informed Supervision
  • Trauma-Informed De-Escalation
  • Trauma-Informed Treatment Planning
  • Trauma-Informed Progress Notes

Professional Development/Staff Meeting Modules 

60-90 minutes

Leadership Training

Building a trauma-informed, healing centered organization requires focused attention and on-going support. Bounce has developed a series of professional development training modules that encourage practical skill-building in each topic area, continued support of staff, prevention of burnout, sharing of best practices, and reinforcement of trauma-informed principles.

  • Self-Care and Mindfulness Practices 
  • Resiliency Building and Strategy Practice 
  • Effective Problem-Solving Team Meetings 
  • De-escalation Strategies 

Building on Your Child’s Strengths: What Parents Can Do

60-90 minutes

Foster Adoption Family

Too often, parents focus on the problems and challenges their children face. This interactive workshop is designed to help parents and caregivers identify the strengths their child possesses and to build on those assets to help them grow up successfully. The training uses the age-specific developmental assets from the Search Institute and incorporates “homework” to encourage parents to put the learning into action.

Parents and Teachers: Partnering to Help Your Child Succeed 

60-90 minutes

Military Woman & Daughter

This interactive workshop helps parents and caregivers understand the critical role they play in their child’s education. It includes practical ways to actively partner with teachers to help children flourish, including making the most of parent/teacher conferences. 

Bounce University: Train the Trainer Program

Three 8-hour days


To support more organizations in becoming trauma-informed and to sustain practices that help their clients and employees to thrive, the Bounce Coalition has developed Bounce University, a three day “train the trainer” program that enables participants to teach the Bounce curriculum. Participants learn to present Bounce’s evidence-based, interactive learning modules, foundational to building trauma-informed individuals, systems, and communities.

Upon completion of Bounce University training, participants are asked to demonstrate the acquisition of the knowledge and skills required to become a Certified Bounce Trainer by: 1) completing an objective assessment that measures understanding of the key learning objectives (with immediate feedback on performance); and 2) presenting portions of the Bounce content to the training team and classmates in a simulated training environment to ensure content is delivered with a high degree of fidelity and competence.

  • The seminal Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) study and research on child adversity and resilience
  • How ACEs impact brain development
  • The signs of trauma and impact on lifelong health
  • How trauma-informed and resilience-building practices help heal ACEs
  • The importance of self-care
  • Resilient behaviors to help people thrive and barriers to building resilience
  • Practical actions to build a culture of resilience

Up to 16 participants 

Racial Trauma and Healing 

120 minutes

This training includes interactive activities and engaging conversations around race-based traumatic stress (RBTS). Participants will be able to define RBTS and name current and historical examples, recognize the impacts, and learn about trauma-informed interventions and local resources available to address RBTS.. 

Customized Training

Bounce offers a variety of standard trainings that can be customized to fit the needs of the organization or audience.  Please complete our Request for Bounce Training form below for more information.

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